June 8, 2018Gift Inspiration, Lifestyle, Things To Do

It’s a well known fact that Dads are nearly impossible to buy for. Unlike Mums, with their often lengthy, varied and detailed list of dream purchases, Dads don’t want very much and (no matter how much you plead) will tell you this, every time a special occasion rolls around! Dads generally don’t do pampering or indulgences and in those rare, rare moments when they’re actually interested in getting something new, Dads will just get it themselves. Quick and easy, no pondering or changing their minds.

So if they’re not going to tell you what they want, how are you meant to show a special Dad just how much he means to you? Well, alongside our expertly curated collection of Father’s Day gifts (which we guarantee has something in it to fit every Dad!), we recommend treating the Dad in your life to an extra special day, this June 17th. Whether it’s cooking him breakfast in bed or planning a fishing trip, memories last longer than socks and we’re sure that all he probably wants is to spend time with his loved ones! Now, just to nail what to do…


If he’s celebrating his first Father’s Day, you can guarantee more than anything, this Dad will just want to catch up on those missed nights sleep. Given this, we recommend treating him to the ultimate lazy Sunday! If you can keep little ones busy, let him lay in bed for an extra few hours on Father’s Day morning and once he’s up, treat him to his favourite bed in breakfast. If you’re able to, allow him to spend the day, chilling and doing very little and finish off with a family film in the evening.


Spending time with Grandads is always amazing but can get harder once little ones arrive and you get considerably more busy! Then, a wonderful way to celebrate with Grandad this Father’s Day is to simply carve out some special time together. Whether you go for a roast, afternoon tea or just a walk in the park with some ice-creams, what’s going to make this day truly special is just enjoying time with such a special man in your life. Bringing the little ones along will make the day extra sweet and is a great way to create memories that last forever! 


For Dads that can’t get enough of a big game, how about treating them to a day involving their favourite sport? If you can, score them two tickets to a match they’d love, so they can escape from Daddy duties for a day with a friend. If this isn’t possible and the weather is on your side, why not get out with the kids and play a family game of whatever sport they enjoy. Make the most of your time outside, by making a picnic that little ones can enjoy aswell!   


Cool Dads are generally knowledgable on what’s new and up and coming but even the coolest Dad can’t know everything, especially when he’s got little ones to run around after! What better way to spend time with him then, than to teach him a new skill? Specifically, why not book onto a family friendly cooking class, which you and the little ones can all get involved in and enjoy equally! Even better, you all get delicious treats at the end – you can thank us later!


What are you plans for Father’s Day this year? Comment below!