Walks, Waterproofs and Wellies; the Best Walks for Children

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Walks, Waterproofs and Wellies; the Best Walks for Children

When it comes to family friendly activities the benefits of going for a walk are endless; fresh air, exercise and low costs. What’s not to love? Whilst the local park is a great place to start there are numerous places in the UK that are ideal for family walks. This could be a weekend away or a last-minute adventure. Whichever you choose, read below for some of the best walks to go on with children.



Where better to start than beautiful walks with beautiful animals. This is a perfect walk for any family as it’s appropriate for kids of all ages, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love animals? You could start with the Deer Park walk in Attingham Park, Shropshire. This summer they are hosting a Summer Night’s film festival, which would be a great added extra if you are planning to stay over night. 


It may be stating the obvious, but a walk in the countryside is one of life’s simplest pleasures. England is full of so many beautiful country walks, so it is easy to find a walk for no more than a short drive away, however if you are looking for a day or weekend trip then start with Surrey’s iconic Stepping Stone walk. The stepping stones are a landmark of Surrey and fun for the kids – although not necessarily pram appropriate.



The Lake district – true to its name – is a great starting point when it comes to lakes. A walk alongside the lake is not only a great opportunity to explore nature but it is great for mental health so highly recommended amongst young families. Buttermere is a gem in the heart of Cumbria and would be a great focus point for a weekend away in the Lake District. If you have young children then it is advisable to check the route and assess whether it is appropriate as it can be quite a long trek.  


If you are looking for a weekend away as a family, the Farne Island Nature reserve off Northumberland Coast is a real treat. If you go in the summer seasons then you will experience the exciting wildlife; the adorable puffins are a real highlight, especially for little ones! 



Autumn is one of the best times to go for walks as it is cool enough for little children. Whilst you could stay local and admire your autumnal surroundings, you could also venture out to Killerton Garden in Devon for a day trip. This is a beautiful garden from season to season but throughout Autumn it provides a wide palette of beautiful leaves and easy walking for any family including the dogs!         


If you feel unprepared for the weather then look no further than My 1st Years for rainwear. The little ones will be splashing around in puddles with their own personalised wellies and raincoats!