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Mums are heroes.

We know we say this all the time but it’s only because it’s so true! With all they juggle, our favourite ladies often have very little time for themselves. To help, we’ve put down our top tips to relax for mums – Enjoy! 




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Before you burst out laughing, we acknowledge this one might be a tad optimistic! As mums, having the treat of a whole evening off is very rare and we understand that when these moments of magic occur, you’re probably too tired to faff around with a “pamper”. However, if you even have just thirty minutes of an evening free, taking the time to unwind has been scientifically proven to do wonders! All the best pampers centre around a warm, relaxing bath/shower, so if you have time for nothing else, even fitting this in is likely make you feel great. Just put on your favourite song, opt for a fragrant soap (we recommend chamomile or lavender scents) and pop on a face mask whilst you lather  away. If you want to make this time out extra special, add candles to create a relaxing atmosphere and finish things off with an all over body moisturiser –  a guaranteed way to hydrate your skin and protect it for days after.



Sometimes the easiest way to unwind is just to escape! However if a tropical break isn’t on the cards, we recommend travelling to the world of fiction. Nothing beats a good book for allowing you some time to step away from your stresses and focus on something else. Which book you decide to read is entirely dependant on your preferences but thrillers are always a good option if you need an exciting page turner. Following the book, the most important thing when reading is that you give yourself the opportunity to escape into the story. Try to find a window of time when you can sit (preferably with a hot drink) and really focus on the unique elements of the story. If you’re not the reading type, podcasts or audiobooks are a great alternative to experience a new world or learn a new skill. They can even help to induce sleep after a busy day. The internet is full of free, high quality recordings so have a Google and dive into something new.



One of the great things about being a mum, is that there’s so many other women who know exactly what you’re going through. Whilst every mum experiences the ups and downs of motherhood in her own way, there are certain moments that are universal to us all. For example, who knows that feeling when after spending hours dressing your little one to go out, they get a stain on their outfit just before you leave! In moments like this, the best relief is a lending ear. A problem shared is a problem halved and calling a friend for a quick moan or a flash of advice is often the best way to lighten your load. Conversations with loved ones, quickly descend into laughter and if you’re looking to relax nothing beats a good chuckle.



For mums wanting to relax, there is no better time than when your little one has hit the hay. Whilst it is easy to want to keep going with the housework or start on tomorrow’s dinner, this precious time is in fact the perfect opportunity to destress. Whether you read, call a friend or have a little pamper, it is important to use this time for you. In this way, getting children into a good bedtime routine is as essential for you as it is for them. Cosy, quality pyjamas are critical to sweet dreams. Made from 100% cotton, our personalised checked pyjamas are luxuriously soft, ensuring maximum comfort and a guaranteed way to get little ones to the land of nod. To keep them warm during winter nights, our clever cellular blanket is perfect – featuring innovative cell technology which adapts to the heat of little ones to keep them cool or warm as necessary.

Comment below if you plan to try any of these tips out or share with us your favourite ways to unwind.