The Official Most Popular Baby Names

August 18, 2014Lifestyle, Uncategorised

The stats are in! New figures released by the Office for National Statistics have revealed the most popular baby names for cherubs born in England and Wales last year – there have been some losses, some unexpected gains, and of course the ever-popular monikers which just never go out style. Read on for a full run down of the results…
In joint first place we have Oliver and Amelia; Amelia was the most popular girl’s name in every region of the country, whilst Oliver was edged out only in a few areas by Muhammad, Mohammed, and our number two boy’s name –

– Jack!  He and Olivia were the second most popular names last year, with 6,212 and 5,570 babies given them respectively.
Bronze medals meanwhile go to Harry and Emily – the lady’s name moved up one place since last year, but Harry lost the top spot which it had held since 2011. Down in baby name popularity, down in the royal line of succession – and speaking of the new prince’s arrival…

Harry isn’t the only royal name to snag a place in the Top 10 – both William and George snuck in at 8 and 10 respectively, though analysts predict George will be even more popular this year as he was only born midway through 2013.

The rest of the monarchy is not without influence either, alive or dead – the names Victoria, Albert and Beatrice all climbed steadily within the Top 100, representing some of the biggest increases in overall popularity last year.

The list also saw seasonal variations, with Holly and Summer soaring in popularity in December and July, but plummeting during the rest of the year. We’ve also heard of babies being named after fictional characters Bellatrix and Tyrion, though sadly (or perhaps thankfully?) not enough to enter the Top 100.

Here’s the full table of the top 10 most popular baby names for 2013:
7 Baby tableAs for My 1st Years customers, our most popular requests for personalisation over the past year have been ‘Joseph’ and ‘Sophie’, featured at number 19 and 9 on the list respectively. However, despite there being 37 baby boys given the name last year, we’ve yet to receive an order for Loki – a good thing or not do you think?


To see the full list of most popular baby names from the Office for National Statistics, click here.