Nominations are open for the Mum of the year Awards

March 3, 2017Behind The Scenes, Events, Lifestyle, Uncategorised

It’s March, the month of International Women’s Day, the start of spring but most importantly… Mothering Sunday. We know that all Mums are Super Mums and wanted to give something back to all those extra special Mummy’s that go above and beyond for their children and others. That is why we have opened our very first Mum of The Year Awards!

Whether you think your Mum, your wife or even a great friend is the best Mummy in the world you can nominate her to be entered into our Mum of the Year awards, to be in with the chance of winning an overnight stay for 2 at a 5* spa hotel in the Costworlds as well as an invite and a +1 to our exclusive awards event held at the Sanderson Hotel in London where she’ll be treated to the award winning Mad Hatters Afternoon tea.


How do I nominate?

To nominate a special Mum into these amazing awards all you have to do is follow this link and fill in the form – You will be asked to enter your Super Mum nomination into a specific category and give a little information including the nominees photo, a reason why she deserves to win and contact details so we can get in touch with you and the winner! It’ll take no longer than 10 minutes and will make that winning Mummy extremely happy this Mother’s Day! Nominations close on the 19th of March, so enter now before it’s too late! 

How is the winner chosen?

Voting closes on the 19th and The My 1st Years team will be going through all of the nominees with our Founders Dan and Jonny, to pick not only a winner from all 6 categories but some lucky runners up too. We will be reading through all of the reasons you have written down and deciding who we love best? We will be annoucing the winners on social media on Mothering Sunday (March 26th)

What are the categories?

So, you’re thinking of entering the awards but want to know more about what the categories mean to decide which to nominate that special lady into… fear not below we will tell you exactly what we are looking for in each category. We’re good like that.

1. Best Multitasking Mum of the Year …

Maybe this Mum has many kids and still manages to get them all out of the door in time for school with a smile on her face every day, or maybe she manages to multi-task breastfeeding with attending events, cooking great meals, running a popular Instagram account and even attending yoga on a Thursday evening. If you think you know a Mum who kicks butt when it comes to multi-tasking and puts people who don’t have children to shame with her skills then this is the place to nominate her!

2. Best Enterprising Mum of the Year …

This one is for all those working Mummas, whether she is a #Girlboss with her own business or a Mummy who has continued to progress in her career all while being an amazing parent to her little ones. Maybe she has just received a promotion or reached a new milestone we want to hear about these amazing career women who are juggling jobs with children!

3. Best Stay-at-home Mum of the Year …

We all know that being a stay at home Mummy is hard work, with no break from the energetic kids. Whether she is always knee-deep in paint and PVA and still manages to smile, has created her own little mummy meet up or manages to keep up with her children’s busy schedules of 100 after-school-clubs we want to hear all about her!

4. Best Community Mum of the Year …

This category is for all those Mums who are doing that bit extra for others. Maybe she volunteers on her evenings for a local youth club, has set up a charity or has raised a large amount of money for the local community/cause close to her heart – we want to know about her. Is she a chatterbox who stayed silent for 24hrs or did she do a long charity run even though she hates it? Tell us all about it in your nominations.

5. Funniest Mum of the Year …

We’re looking for those Mums who can make people laugh in any situation. Whether this Mum is always first to crack a joke in those awkward Mum moments or can brighten people’s mood with her awesome sense of humour we want to know all about her. We know that sometimes being a Mum can have a laugh or cry moments and we want to hear of all those funny mummy’s who make light of those situations.

6. Best Grandma of the Year …

Don’t worry we’ve not forgotten all those awesome granny’s who are putting in the extra babysitting duties. Maybe this is the coolest gran in town and you think she deserves a shout out or maybe she is always offering to do nanny duties so you can have a date night? Whatever the reason we want to celebrate Grandmas too!

Whoever your #SuperMum is we want to hear about her – All winners will be announced this Mother’s Day!