My 1st … Valentines Day With A Child

February 13, 2017Celebrate with us, Celebrations, Uncategorised

Written by, Rebecca Mooney 

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetLong gone are the days of spending hours bathing, blow drying and tanning for a special valentines date with my fella. But, in my eyes, it’s worth it as my baby, Mason, is my little valentine. My partner and I have always bought a card for each other, roses for me and something small for him and we will continue to do this even now after we’ve had a baby, as it’s something we’ve always done for one another and we enjoy it.

Before I had my little bundle of joy, Adam and I would go out for a meal, go see a film or have a couple of drinks together, you know the usual valentines stuff. We didn’t do anything too over the top but it’s nice to get dressed up and make a special effort once in a while for each other.

On my first valentine’s with Mason, he was five months old and my older brother offered to have him for the night so that Adam and I could go out and have a well-deserved lie in the following morning. It all sounds perfect when you’ve not slept for five months. In all honesty, as much as I loved eating my food while it was still hot and taking my time, all I was thinking about was my little baby. It was hard the first time I left him – like it is for every mother. Did they go to sleep okay? Do they miss you? Are they going to survive without you? (Overreacting, of course.)

The following morning I woke up at 6 am and started getting ready to go pick my little boy up. I’d never been so excited to see his little face! The evening before I ate far too much, as I had gotten so excited about ordering anything I wanted and being able to eat it as slowly as I wanted, I had over faced myself and therefore felt sick and was asleep by 9 pm, not the long romantic valentines night we had planned (haha!).valentines-images

This valentine’s Day will be a lot different. I plan to spend it with both of my boys (my other half and my little baby boy). I’ve decided this is best because valentine’s Day is the day of celebrating love, so I’m going to spend it with the two loves of my life – makes sense right? I’m going to buy them both a little valentines gift, get some films, have a nice dinner and do the usual evening routine together as a family unit.

Sure, having a baby changes your life but it’s an amazing change!
So, whether you’re ordering a pizza and having a glass of wine, getting a babysitter and hitting the town, staying in a swanky hotel with champagne or staying in wearing your sweats doing the washing up and dirty laundry… Every Mummy and Daddy deserve a Happy Valentines!


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Images by Rebbecca Mooney.