World Mental Health Days | Mental Health in Mums

October 10, 2018Information, Lifestyle, Parenting

It’s Mental Health awareness day, and if there is anyone who is easily susceptible to negative thoughts and feelings, it’s a Mum.

Whether you are expecting or have managed to pop a little one out (Bravo on both accounts) the main motto that travels through our heads is ‘how do I do this?’ Becoming a Mum brings not only a huge amount of surging hormones through our body but also a lot of rational and somewhat irrational feelings. We’re often over consumed with thoughts of ‘What if?”

“Baby Blues” & “PND (Post Natal Depression) are phrases that are thrown around very easily, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that they do exist and are important to talk about. There is so much stigma on Mums whether you be new, a mum-to-be or you’ve had this role for a while, that you should be over the moon with this bundle of joy. Whilst being a parent is an amazing job it doesn’t mean you should feel bad that there is a part of you that feels somewhat terrified and lost. Discover our simple tips that’ll help you understand your feeling, get help and ultimately be happier.


Know Your Symptoms

Is it baby blues or PND? It’s important to be able to distinguish between the two, both should be spoken about and treated, but knowing where these feelings are coming from and what they mean is crucial to recovering. PND has a longevity to it whereas studies have shown that baby blues generally last for a 5-10 day period – think of it like your period but with a newborn in tow.

Talk to Someone

Whether it’s your Mum, a friend, the health visitor or midwife talk through these feelings and fears. As they say a problem shared is a problem halved and in our experience this is so true.  The exercise of not internalising the negative thoughts, worries and overthinking it all can really help you to rationalise and unload. It may not be the fix but it can be part of the remedy.


Take Some ‘You Time’

Whether it’s to catch up on the non-existent sleep, having a shower oror just a cup of tea, you are entitled to look after yourself too!  If you are solely breast feeding or pumping put on some Netflix, crack open some treats and watch something that can allow you to escape whilst knowing you’re still fulfilling your Mum duties. Don’t feel like you can’t ask for help with little one,  because as the saying goes a happy mum is a happy baby.


Write things down

Whilst this can sound like homework it is also an amazing form of therapy to write down your feelings, note the good and the bad – finding positive focuses can help to break through the overwhelming feelings. A great book is The New Mum’s notebook by Amy Ransom. Filled with amazing sections on your day, what was good, what was bad, places to note your schedules such as feeding times and little mantras, recipes and milestones!


Finally always visit your GP for help – more help can also be found at Mind