Meet Our…Graphic Designer!

August 25, 2015Behind The Scenes, Meet The Team, Uncategorised

Despite our best intentions the My 1st Years website, newsletters and catalogues don’t just magically appear well designed and consistently fabulous – our graphic designer Olivia (Liv for short) creates everything from scratch! So we thought it would be a good idea to see what goes on behind her silver Mac for once, and hear all about her new adorable new baby…

Olivia, wonderful to see you as always. How’s today going so far?

Well, can I be honest…? Just kidding, it’s going really well! I’ve spent a while catching up on emails as I took some holiday last week, and I’m still in the best mood as my partner and I got a puppy over the weekend! She’s a Golden Doodle called Meadow and she’s perfect.

Consider us jealous! You’ve also just finished work on our Christmas 2015 photoshoot – how are you feeling?

I’m really excited for everyone in the office – as well as all our customers – to see the amazing pictures we took, which were a lot of fun bringing together. Despite the hectic nature of photoshoots they do become a bit addictive – bring on Christmas 2016 I say! 

Wow, you are thinking ahead. What does a normal day have in store for you?

Well I usually start by making a green tea, followed by catching up on emails and with colleagues, then continuing what I was doing the day before (it’s quite unusual for a design brief to be completed in one day), as well as editing images and attending meetings to discuss upcoming design ventures….then coming back for a sip of my tea which by then is stone cold. 🙁

Liv’s girl of the moment and latest family member, Meadow.

Do you have any favourite designers yourself? Art/ fashion/ interiors?

No specific designers, but as I’m doing up my house at the moment I look at a lot of art and interior ideas. I like a little bit of everything in order to create a unique, harmonious aesthetic. 

When did you first become interested in graphic design?

I’ve always been quite creative but wasn’t exactly sure what path I wanted to go down when I was younger, so I did an art and design diploma at Uni which had four different pathways. Out of fine art, textiles, 3D and graphics, I enjoyed graphics the most. So I decided to pursue that, and here I am! 

What’s your favourite childhood memory?

There a multitude to choose from, but one that stands out in my mind is sitting with my brother and sister in my Grandma’s hammock before dinner every week – it sounds so simple, but we had a lot of fun.

Olivia with her partners in hammock relaxation, Charlotte and Sam.

And what did you want to be when you were growing up?

To begin with, a hairdresser (doesn’t every girl at one point?) – but when my sister cut all the hair off my Barbies I quickly moved onto ice skating.

Is your current job similar to either of those?

Of the two, probably ice skating, as I’m known for feeling cold whatever the temperature is in the office!

We’d noticed! Is your family more like The Griffins from Family Guy, or The Weasleys from Harry Potter?

I’d say we emulate the closeness of The Weasleys with a streak of The Griffins’ naughtiness…

Olivia’s clan are a healthy dose of both Weasley and Griffin.

A fair assessment. What’s one memory you’d still like to make?

I’d love to go to Niagara Falls at one point.

To go down in it a barrel maybe?

Absolutely not – I couldn’t risk leaving Meadow motherless!

We completely understand. Well, thanks for your time Liv – best get back to your drawing board!