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We may be heading into the third week of January, but here at My 1st Years we’re still well and truly in the New Year spirit! More than anything that means resolutions and new beginnings remain at the forefront of our minds and we’re trying very hard to stick to all those promises we made not so long ago.

According to research data, starting or completing house renovations is one of the most popular resolutions Mums make and honestly, we can’t say we’re surprised! Our homes are our own little castles and making them as comfortable as possible is essential. This is particularly important when it comes to nurseries, since as Mums it’s where you and your baby are likely to spend the majority of your time.

Whilst sprucing up a little space is exciting, we know it can also be overwhelming – so if in 2018 you’re  hoping to renovate a nursery, discover our top five tips to make the process as smooth, low-cost and fun as possible.

1. Don’t forget the floor

elephant_playmat5cropped_text_1000_1Given they’re the first things you see when you enter a room, it’s  unsurprising that decorating the walls of a nursery can generally take priority in renovations. Yet, there’s so much to be said for beautifying floor space and often well adorned floors can serve as a fun interest point, giving nurseries a unique touch. Whether you’ve got carpet or wood flooring, textured rugs add a playful pop to young rooms. Additionally, since for babies the floor is often their playground, soft furnishings can help cushion against any accidental bumps.

2. Keep things personal

princess_wall_sticker1cropped_1000Now this may seem a little bias given what we do, but personalisation truly is one of the best and easiest ways to add character to nurseries. In particular, personalised wall stickers ensure that walls are unique and make an impact. When deciding on personalisation, choosing a child’s nickname can be a playful alternative to their first name, as can using their surname. Even once they outgrow their nurseries, personalised trinkets often serve as special keepsakes which little ones can treasure for a lifetime.

3. Have fun with paint


One of the best and easiest ways to give a nursery a new lease life is a quick slick of paint! Whilst pink and blue remain the traditional colour schemes for nurseries, alternative tones are becoming increasingly popular and can be a great way to add fun to little rooms. Yellow is great for creating calm and cool vibes, whilst tones of green have been proven to encourage learning. Whatever colour you decide, ensure that the brand of paint you use is non-toxic and solvent free to prevent little ones breathing in any nasties.

4. Spruce up storage

grey_star_tall_storage_bag1cropped_1000It’s a well known fact that the smaller a human, the more stuff they have! Then, storage in any nursery is essential and since you need to have it, why not make it a fun feature of the room? Patterned storage bags are a great choice since their soft shapes make them versatile and able to neatly keep a variety of essentials – whether it be soft toys or endless amounts of clothing!

5. Make furniture a statement

personalised_blue_elephant_chair_1000Whilst it may not seem like it now, your baby will very soon be crawling, sitting up and learning to walk. As such, ensuring your nursery is well equipped with furniture early, means that you’re prepared for seating as soon as you need it. Furniture can also help nurseries look complete and cohesive and so like storage items are perfect as a room feature. Our best-selling personalised rocking chairs are an ideal choice, with their classic design well suited to boys and girls alike.

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