How to Help Your Baby Sleep in the Summer

June 27, 2018How to, Lifestyle, Parenting, Uncategorised

As much as we love the warmer weather and sunny holidays there is nothing worse than a sleepless night, tossing and turning in the heat. The only thing worse than struggling to sleep in the sticky weather is managing to sleep but being woken by a hot and bothered baby! That’s why we have created a guide to help your baby sleep in the summer, to take the pressure and worry off you.


If you feel hot your baby will to, for the safest approach keep a thermometer in your little one’s room and try and ensure it is always kept at 16-20°C. There are a lot of scary stories about babies overheating, but try not to let these get you overly paranoid, babies usually overheat from being put in too many layers rather than humid temperatures, if you fuss to much over your little one it is likely he/she will get agitated and not sleep, so simply follow these tips and they’ll help your baby (and you) sleep in the summer heat.


With lighter evenings and holiday activities, it’s easy to let sleep routines slip in summer, babies thrive off routine and this is bound to affect their sleep. During warm evenings be sure to give them a cooler (not cold) bath, wind down with a book and avoid over-stimulation. Keeping the routine as similar as possible is even more important while on holiday, as baby will need to adjust to a different bed and surroundings.


As previously mentioned winding down is especially important in warmer weather, as too much over stimulation will result in an over-heated and whining baby. You don’t have to miss out on the beautiful weather, so long as they’re protected from harmful rays you can sit in the shade and have some milk, sing some lullabies or read a bedtime story. Try and avoid screen time before bed as this will hinder your baby’s ability to sleep on top of the heat.


With the evenings being lighter it’s increasingly difficult for baby to differentiate between night and day. By shutting out the light it makes it not only easier for little ones to understand that it’s bedtime but it also keeps the bedroom cooler. Blackout blinds might not always be the cutest nursery accessory but it’ll make a big difference to your little one’s sleep.


One that may seem obvious and we’ve touched on above, but try and keep little one’s room cool and between 16-20°C. If you live on a quiet street you can try opening the window a little, keeping the curtains closed all day, swap waterproof under sheets for layers of cotton, opt for muslin sleep bags rather than thick quilted ones and if it’s really warm hang wet towels over windows or chair to help cool the room temperature.

REMEMBER: Always keep your baby hydrated in the heat, to use sun protection and if you’re ever worried about your child in the heat call the emergency services.