Fleur De Force | Motherhood’s 5 Month Milestones

May 30, 2018Celebrity, Lifestyle

So we’ve officially hit the 5 month milestone… how on earth did that happen?! The older I get, the faster time seems to go, but I’ve never felt quite as robbed of time as I have over the past five months – When you have children, the time just slips away in what seems like seconds! Little River is getting sturdier, more inquisitive and chubbier by the day! She’s really started to reach for things now… lovely things like reaching out for her favourite toys, her bottle of milk, our faces and hands… to the less practical – dogs’ ears, glasses of wine, any and ALL food in the vicinity and anything shiny (watches, rings, sunglasses – she’s not fussy!) but it’s a brilliant feeling seeing her learn new skills and seeing her coordination improve every day. She’s also getting so much more active in general, especially during bath time (her favourite time of day!) where she’s learnt to kick her legs and splash, covering us in water and thinking it’s absolutely hilarious!

Seeing as she has been so intrigued with our food over the past month, we have introduced a tiny bit of solid food this week and she’s absolutely loved it! We’ve been giving her a little bit of baby rice once a day to get her used to the idea of solid food before properly starting to wean her at 6 months. She only has a few spoonfuls a day, but is having great fun with it so far and loves holding a spoon and trying to feed herself already!


It’s strange to say, but I definitely struggle with being apart from her more now than I did in the beginning. People say it gets easier as they get a bit bigger, but I actually find it quite the opposite, as she’s started giving back so much more now, interacting more and changing so quickly. I didn’t mind leaving her with Mike for the day before, but now I don’t want to miss out! I’ve had to leave her for a couple of nights here and there recently and it becomes harder and harder every single time! Although it definitely makes it even more exciting knowing I’m coming home to her happy little face!


I’ve continued taking her with me to absolutely everything I can, so we’ve really mastered hopping on and off trains to London now. This month we popped into the My 1st Years event showcasing their new designs for summer 2018 which was fun, and a totally new experience for her as it was packed with other mummy-bloggers and their little ones. She had a great time interacting with all the other babies and this definitely made me realise I probably need to start going to a baby class or two with her. I had fully intended to sign up to baby classes when I had her, but the time just seems to have slipped away and we haven’t been to a single one yet! I would love to hear any recommendations you have for baby classes over on twitter?


We also ventured up to Manchester for the night to watch Mike run a half marathon (lots of walking around the city in the buggy, which she loved, but not as much as seeing all the runners coming past, a sight by which she was utterly transfixed!) and even managed to get out to Italy for the bank holiday weekend for my friends wedding. Although not traveling light as you can see from the picture… once everything was checked in, the experience was actually fine and I can confirm she is still a good flier! The best tip for traveling I’ve found so far is to tie toys to each corner of a muslin cloth – genius for keeping everything on-hand and avoiding things dropping on the floor of planes, trains and airports!


She’s also had her first ever cold this month, which was a challenge (thank god for the Nose-Frida and Calpol, that’s all I can say!) We’ve had many a journey-to-nowhere late at night in the car just to stop her crying, when usually she’s a great sleeper.

All in all, this month has just made me even more excited for the months to come. She’s making the move into her own room at the end of the month which seems like the biggest milestone so far. Part of me feels sad that she’s growing so fast and ready to be in her own room alone, but on the other hand… I’m looking forward to finally being able to sleep a little better without hearing her every little sniffle from across our bedroom!


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