July 27, 2018Celebrity, Lifestyle

So today marks River’s 7 month ‘birthday’. Our sixth month together has been one of highs, lows and mostly… play time! Our little lady is learning new tricks by the day, just this week mastering raspberry blowing, head shaking and pushing herself up onto all fours. The latter means that crawling definitely isn’t far off, which slightly terrifies me – I definitely need to get baby-proofing the house ASAP! The raspberry blowing also seemed cute at first – not quite as cute when done whilst eating breakfast… resulting in me getting sprayed with baby porridge, yoghurt or strawberry juice – delightful! She’s certainly getting messier by the day, that’s for sure!
Despite a few challenges on the way, it’s massively rewarding to have finally reached the point where you can see her starting to learn things from you. She’s also coming on in leaps and bounds in the food department too! She’s pretty good at holding her food now and has mastered feeding herself and using her sippy cup (the right way up! Although she does also think it’s hilarious to hold it upside-down and watch the water hit the floor!)
She’s starting to get more into her toys too, rather than just soft toys, rattles and teething toys, she much prefers plastic or wooden toys she can bash together and make noise with now! Stacking cups and wooden skittles are both a particular hit. We’ve actually invested in a little playpen for the kitchen to give her a space of her own to play in (also to keep the dogs from licking her in her face and from stealing her toys, but she just loves it!)
One of the less enjoyable aspects of this past month has been the start of teething. Although she doesn’t have any actual teeth quite yet, They are definitely on their way! She’s chomping down on anything within reach, dribbling 24/7, constantly feeling her gums and chewing her little fingers! She’s clearly uncomfortable and it’s hard knowing there’s not much you can do bar giving her some nice, cold things to chew on. We have been using old fashioned Ashton & Parsons teething powder and it actually seems to help which is interesting! I was very sceptical before using it, but my sister and a few of my friends all swear by it, so I gave it a go. If you’re struggling with a teething baby, it’s definitely worth a shot!
This week I also got the chance to visit the My 1st Years factory and see how they personalise their gifts in person which was awesome, especially having worked with them for the past six months, River’s got lots of their personalised items and it was really cool to learn how they are all made and also to meet the team who have been personalising all of her lovely things! I got the chance to make my own little storage bag with her name on it too, which was fun!
This post is the last of my monthly posts for the My 1st Years blog and I will definitely be sad to say goodbye! It’s been so wonderful sharing my journey with you all, and I really hope you’ve enjoyed my posts… The time just seems to be flying past at light speed but more than ever, there is something that makes me smile, laugh and be proud of every single day. I never realised before I had a little one quite how fun it would be! There’s a little adventure to be had in every day, and I can’t wait to see what the next six months have in store!