Fleur De Force | Little Toes in The Sand & Our First Father’s Day!

June 22, 2018Celebrity, Uncategorised




So little River is six months old! The main thing I’ve noticed this month is that people have stopped looking at me with that sympathetic face and asking if she’s sleeping through the night, maybe touching my hand and saying ‘how are you?’ (because maybe my eye bags are giving me away?! Or probably because I’m not wearing makeup that day as I haven’t had the time!) but have instead started smiling away and chatting directly to River and often start reminiscing about how wonderful this period of time is… and I have to say, it’s true. She seems to learn something new and improve her skills every day and it’s so much fun watching her discovering new things for the first time. She’s more interactive than ever before and so inquisitive. She especially loves looking around when we are out and about and is intrigued by everyone we pass, making new friends left right and centre by flashing them her cheeky smile.




She’s starting to settle into a more solid routine, something that I’m sure eating solids has helped with as she’s just moved on to three meals a day and it’s helped structure her nap times and bed time a lot. She’s also made the move into her own room and we are all sleeping much better. The one thing we’ve struggled with in this respect is actually getting her down to sleep every night. She doesn’t like falling asleep on her own, so fights it right to the end. Once she’s down though, she’s out for the night. Even if she wakes up early at 5am for a feed, she’s straight back down till 8am so that’s fine by me! It’s also so nice to see her spend more time in her own room, she loves looking around at all the toys and rolling around (another new trick!) on the fluffy rug in the morning before I get her dressed. It’s strange to think that you spend so much time decorating and planning their nursery but they spend so little time in there for the first six months… it’s really lovely to finally see her enjoying it!




The most exciting thing to happen this month was our (much anticipated!) first summer holiday as a family of three. Although we’ve traveled with her a couple of times already, this month we headed to Portugal for a week of chilling in the sunshine. We went with a group of friends, so not only was it lovely to spend some time with our favourite people, but it was also amazing to have lots of spare pairs of hands to help us out with River and she was lavished with attention all week, which she loved of course! During the trip she mastered sitting up on her own (she is still very proud of herself for this one and grins from ear to ear when she’s sitting unaided!) and made her first ever visit to the beach, which I think was a highlight of the trip for her… she LOVED wriggling her chubby little toes in the sand and thankfully managed to avoid eating any of it! She wasn’t so sure about the sea water though, but to be honest, I don’t blame her as it was pretty damn cold!


The last day of our holiday was also Mike’s first ever Father’s Day which was exciting! I dressed River up in her personalised My 1st Years baby grow at her early morning feed and popped a little card in her cot with her for Mike to find when she woke up – Seeing the look on his face (and hers – she just adores him and it’s amazing to see her little face light up when he plays with her) definitely softened the blow of having to fly home that day. She was brilliant on the flight too – bonus!