Fleur De Force | Getting into the Swing of Things: 3 Months In

April 20, 2018Celebrity, Lifestyle, Uncategorised

Words and images by Fleur De Force

So as I sit down to write my third post for the My 1st Years blog, I’m genuinely thinking where on earth has the time gone? Little River is rapidly approaching the 4 month milestone and I have to say, while life with a baby has become a lot more ‘normal’ as we get used to being a family rather than just a couple, I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s gotten easier. She’s ‘woken up’ SO much over the past six weeks, and especially so over the last fortnight. She’s so much more aware of everything going on around her; of where I am in the room, who else is there, and if I am paying attention to something other than her! Not that she’s become overly clingy, but I’ve definitely noticed the difference in her social awareness. If there’s something going on, she wants in. Even if it’s just to opportunity to sit on my lap while I type up a blog post, or have coffee with a friend, she doesn’t want entertaining, but she definitely doesn’t want to be left out of the action! The plus side of her becoming so much more aware is that her level of interaction has also skyrocketed. She flashes her cheeky little smile all the time now, and if you put a little time and effort into playing peekaboo with her, you get some brilliant giggles as a reward. There really is nothing better than the sound of a baby laughing, and when it’s your own little one, it’s simply incomparable. Her little laugh never fails to brighten up my day, no matter what else is going on at the time.

She’s also getting so much more mobile now. Long gone are the days when she was content just lying on her playmat, staring at the toys. Now she’s discovered her feet and is obsessed with throwing her legs in the air and rotating her body around until she’s done a full 360 on her mat. She’s also desperately trying to roll over at the moment, I feel like it can’t be long until she does – she’s one determined little girl and will lay there for an hour at a time trying to throw herself over – mainly only succeeding in getting stuck on her side, which she also thinks is great as it gives her a whole new perspective on the room she’s in!


The perfect gift for a little girl – I’m sure she’ll be crawling in these soon! 

 This month has definitely been one of highs and lows. Most of the time, it’s just brilliant, as the more awake to the world she becomes, the better company she is when we are out and about. I have however, definitely had a few low moments over the past few weeks, especially so when Mike had to spend four nights away on a business trip. Of course she chose these days to sleep badly (with the exception of that particular week, she’s now sleeping from 11pm-7am every night. I almost don’t want to jinx it by telling anyone, but it is going GREAT on the sleep front this month!) Flying solo for the first time, combined with work pressures and a distinct lack of ‘mummy friends’ left me feeling especially frazzled and a bit lonely I have to admit. One thing that’s really helped when things get stressful, or I’m having ‘one of those days’ when it just seems impossible to get everything (or anything!) done, are podcasts. My friend Giovanna Fletcher’s ‘Happy Mum, Happy Baby’ has been an amazing help over these past few months, and this month I was so excited to be invited to be a guest on it. I had such a brilliant, warm reaction from you all too, which was amazing. The more I talk about mummy-stuff, the more I feel really welcomed into the world of being a new mum, and being part of Gi’s podcast definitely made me feel part of such a lovely, welcoming community, and certainly less alone! The more I’ve spoken to people online about different experiences of being a new mum, the more I really realise I’m not alone, and that’s such a great feeling.

Another milestone this month was leaving her overnight for the first time (I’ve actually had to do this three times now, twice for hen do’s and once for a wedding!) Although I was quite apprehensive the first time, I actually did quite enjoy being able to let my hair down without worrying about when she had last fed/been changed/slept etc! Leaving her in the safe hands of Mike’s or my mum, I knew she would be absolutely fine without me, and every time I’ve been away, I’ve been too busy to miss her too much – although I have to admit, getting home the next morning was definitely the best part of being away for the night!


Our first day and night away from little one for our friends wedding.

Overall, I think this is the month that I’ve started to feel like I’m really getting into the swing of things again. At the beginning it all felt like such a huge change, it was hard to believe I would ever feel anything like I did before, but even though everything has changed in a way, a lot of things are just the same and I’m finally working out the best way to balance everything so that I can still spend time with River, but keep my identity as an individual going strong too.


Enjoying a baby-free brunch with Mike.