Discover Our Favourite Celebrity Dads

June 15, 2017Celebrity, Lifestyle, Uncategorised

Father’s Day is almost upon us and to celebrate we decided to compile a list of our favourite celebrity Dads. From the ones who always make us laugh and say the sweetest things about their kids to ones that well… are a treat to the eye, here is our selection of top celebrity Dads.

David Beckham
Image Source: Rex

What list of celebrity Dads is complete without the mention of the one and only golden balls? Whether it’s doting on his children on Instagram or being papped sharing a treat with Harper in the Park, Becks always seems like the model Dad. Despite the high flying lifestyle, we love how normal David is around his children. Our favourite moment was when he tried to humiliate Brooklyn on Instagram Live by shaming him for wearing his Dad’s clothes. And what’s best is like a fine wine David seems to get a little better with age, he is one dapper Dad!

John Legend
celebrity dads John legend
Image Source: @johnlegend – Instagram

Like any new parents John and Chrissy are forever sharing adorable pics of their little legend, Luna. In an interview, John has admitted that becoming a parent has completely shifted his priorities and has been a humbling experience! We can’t get enough of the ‘All of Me’ singer’s adorable Instagram pics, and we have a feeling he is a pretty LEGENDary Daddy! – sorry we had to!

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Prince William
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Who doesn’t love Prince William? Whether it’s his Dad dancing at a Swiss nightclub on a night off his royal duties or his seriously cringe Dad jokes he had to feature on our list of top Dads. He has expressed his difficulties in adjusting to having a girl in the family and described George as a ‘rascal’ but always shows his admiration for both his children and wife, which we adore!  The nation has taken Will and Kate into their arms since the birth of their eldest son George and we all get excited at the sight of a new photo being released of the royal family.

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Will Smith
Image Source: Rex
Image Source: Rex

And from one royal William, straight onto another. Surely you saw this one coming? What list on cool celebrity Dads would be complete without a mention of the iconic Fresh Prince? Will Smith, father to the uber talented Willow and Jaden Smith, is one iconic #superdad we can’t get enough of! Not only is he regularly selected as one of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People (I mean, we’re not surprised – look at that smile!) he’s also a man with a rainbow of talents, holding the title of actor, rapper and director. As if all that wasn’t enough to convince you, his daughter Jada also says he makes the world’s best pancakes! Like we said, we can’t get enough!

George Clooney
Image Source: Rex
Image Source: Rex

Ok ok, we know he has literally just entered the world of Fatherhood and we can hardly dote on all of his images of the twins or all of the adorable things he has to say but if all else fails he is pretty nice on the eye, right? We want to congratulate gorgeous George and Amal on the birth of their twins and we wish them all the happiness in world.

Who is your favourite celebrity Dad?