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Bump, Birth and Beyond – Episode 4

January 26, 2016Lifestyle, Uncategorised

Well that festive season feels like a million years ago already! It seems like two seconds ago we were biting into a mince pie, savouring every succulent bite, and now we’re knee deep in the January freeze trying to cope with a detox diet of seeds and Nutribullet smoothies. Eugh. Time has also flown in the Bump, Birth and Beyond baby department, with not one but two new arrivals in our trio of families, whilst little Amelie-Rose continues to grow at an alarming – yet ever adorable – pace. So what’s new with Emma, Kate and Alice?


Emma 5
Having had a tough 9 months of it being diagnosed with a heart condition and gestational diabetes, childhood sweethearts Emma and David were able to count on plenty of family support while she worked for the family business, and the couple were finally able to welcome their little bundle Harry on Monday 18th January 2016.

Emma and Harry
Bump becomes a baby….such cute cheeks on lil Harry.

“I was pretty nervous on the day knowing I was going to have a C-Section – plus we hadn’t told anyone when Harry was going to be born besides saying that he would be early. I went into theatre at 9am, was put under at 9.30 and he arrived at 9.43 – pretty speedy I have to say!”

Emma and baby Harry
Mum and bubs resting easy after his arrival – then in a much cuter Moses basket!

“Our little one was born at 6lbs 10oz and named Harry Robert with minimal debate – we’ve already noticed that he looks just like his daddy. We brought him home Wednesday evening and I love just looking at him – he’s perfect. Despite the pain of the C-Section and my heart condition, it’s definitely been worth it; I’m breastfeeding Harry and he’s been doing really well, so I’m super pleased about that.”


Katie 3
Teachers Katie and Nathan also welcomed their little one a couple of weeks early, and like Emma and David had previously decided not to find out the sex of their baby ahead of time (we don’t know how anyone does it!) Little Betsy-Rose was born on Tuesday 8th December 2015, and was soon enjoying her first Christmas at home surrounded by family and friends…

Katie and Betsy Rose
Katie, Nathan and Betsy-Rose – cute family much?

“Having had no idea that my bump would arrive early, I continued working right up until the day beforehand, which only added to the surprise when I realised I was in labour! Luckily we had checked the hospital bag just the night before, so we were plenty prepared for the trip to the hospital in the early hours of the morning.”

“After a quick labour, Betsy-Rose greeted us weighing 6lbs 13oz with lots of curly hair and a healthy set of lungs, and was joined soon after by her cousin Herbert Christopher – clearly neither of them wanted to miss out on their first Christmas!”

Katie grandparents Betsy Rose
Betsy’s grandparents cradle their two most special Christmas presents – her and her cousin Herbert.

“She’s already changed so much, but she’s definitely a real character with mind of her own and she isn’t afraid to be bossy and decisive. Our family have spoiled her a lot and she definitely has a more exciting wardrobe than me – though she’s more partial to a comfy babygrow than getting dressed up in fancy clothing.
She’s been good at eating, and Nathan is already dreaming about taking her skiing and playing golf, but for the moment we’re focussing on the lack of sleep and endless dirty nappies.”


Alice 3
Beauty blogger Alice and her partner Joe welcomed little Amelie-Rose in October last year, and were looking forward to enjoying a glorious family Christmas at home in East Sussex. Is it just us, or is it a bit scary much the little one has grown already?!

Alice Rose and Amelie
Tartan dress + scarlet tights + personalised Christmas sign = perfect pic.

“Amelie certainly didn’t miss out on her first Christmas – she was thoroughly spoilt and received many wonderful outfits and toys from friends and family. She is now at the age where she is learning what her hands and feet are, and it’s funny to just watch as she wiggles her tootsies and stares at them totally hypnotised!”

Alice and baby Amelie
Amelie’s adorable range of emotions (plus a cameo from our Personalised Ear Muffs Grey Teddy).

“She’s also totally outgrown her Moses basket and is now sleeping in her cot in my bedroom – luckily she seems to be sleeping fine in such a big space. Unfortunately I had to take her for her jabs just before Christmas which is an experience I’ll never forget – I nearly cried myself she looked so uncomfortable! On the plus side she is constantly talking in baby language which never gets old, and we just cannot wait to see what she does next.”

And we can’t wait to see what all three little ones get up to in 2016! Congrats to all three families on their new arrivals!