Birthday Gift Ideas for Small Children

February 1, 2018Celebrate with us, Gift Guides, Gift Inspiration, Gifts, Uncategorised

For most children, the best day of the year is easily their birthday – and when you think about it, why wouldn’t it be? Centred on fun, laughter and playful adventures, birthdays are the one day of the year when little ones can truly be made to feel like royalty. Such are the benefits of a good party, that they have been scientifically proven to boost self-esteem in little ones by making infants feel special and important. Just like a good party, birthday gifts are another brilliant way to celebrate little ones and treat them to something new. Despite how excited you will be, we know it can be hard to think of birthday gift ideas, especially if you have a number of little ones in your life. Every infant is unique and the best gifts for a little one are dependent on their nature and temperament. Nevertheless, to give you some inspiration, we’ve put together a gift guide to help gifting for babies and toddlers a little easier.

First Birthday Gift Ideas

No milestone beats the first year! Little ones develop and grow at such a rapid rate in this period, that we can guarantee time will feel like it has flown by at this point. Around this time, your little one’s curiosity and creativity is likely to take a huge surge and therefore choosing gifts that help nurture these new characteristics is great idea. Stacking toys are a great choice for one year olds, since they help to develop fine motor skills and encourage inquisitiveness. Our range of stacking toys come in a rainbow of colours and can all be personalised, ensuring they will be a firm favourite in your little one’s toy collection. In regards, to what to wear on the big day, our celebratory first bodysuits are the most adorable choice.  Featuring an envelope neckline and popper fastenings, they are simple to slip on and off meaning you and your little one can spend more time enjoying the day! Discover our edit of 1st birthday gifts today. 


Second Birthday Gift Ideas

They’re about to enter the terrible twos, a time you’re starting to dread! But between two and three little ones become a whole lot more fun – we promise. They’re still a little unstable on their feet and starting to make a little more sense when they speak – so this is a time to start encouraging learning through play. Age two is the perfect time to get their first set of wheels, we have a selection of super-cool ride on cars – that little ones can push themselves along on, for hours of fun. By the age of two children will have started to collect a rather impressive toy collection, so one of our personalised toy boxes will be loved by little ones as well as Mummy and Daddy! Our best-selling robes are also an adorable must-have gift for tiny toddler to snuggle up in. Discover our edit of 2nd birthday gifts today. 




Third Birthday Gift Ideas

By age three little ones will officially be known as pre-schoolers not toddlers, they’ll revel in the attention of a birthday and have such incredibly fun imaginations. Now is a great time to gift toys that enhance their imaginations and help to create stories. Little Three-nangers will love taking one of our best-selling backpacks to pre-school, with such fun prints and their very own name on the front this is a bag they’ll be proud to carry! For miniature musicians our musical instruments are a super-fun toy, they’ll love playing their favourite nursery rhymes and performing to the family! With strong imaginations a toy kitchen is a children’s essential, let them cook up a storm with our stylish kitchens finished with their name. Discover our edit for 3rd birthday gifts!